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The number of Premium and Free resources you can find on visuelcolonie.co will constantly grow. All products are subject to Copyright so let’s specify the terms & conditions so you can be sure that you’ll use them in a correct and legal way. If you still have doubts about the usage of the resources and need clarifications, don’t be afraid to write us. Please respect licenses and our content.


Premium Products

Our Premium products are sold through different licenses based on different usages. Please visit the specific Licenses page and learn which is the correct option to choose for the product you want to purchase.



By downloading any FREE resources from visuelcolonie.co, you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement.


  • You may not redistribute any freebies found on visuelcolonie.co – If you want to do so you need our written permission
  • You may not claim any freebies as your own
  • You may not sell any (original or modified) freebie on stock-graphic sites
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  • You may use any freebies in personal and commercial works, being sure they aren’t in conflict with the above listed forbidden usages.
  • You may link back to the original post to allow people to download the freebies from this site